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Achieve! History - Rights and Freedoms


About This PDF

The Achieve! series of History titles has been developed for teachers who require modified, curriculum-focused activities for secondary school students who struggle to read and comprehend regular classroom materials because of poor literacy skills. Many of the pages will also be suitable as supplementary material for regular classes.

The Rights and Freedoms downloadable PDF resource explores some of the key social, cultural and political developments that have transformed people’s thoughts, beliefs and lifestyles. There is a focus on how rights and freedoms have been ignored, demanded or achieved in Australia and in the broader world context during the 20th century. The struggle for autonomy and rights for Indigenous Australian peoples are explored through events like the Freedom Rides, the Mabo case and National Sorry Day.

Students will consider the rights and roles of Indigenous Australians today, through activities that celebrate their culture but also ask: Where are we now? In the broader world context, students learn about the Universal Declaration of Human Rights and people such as Shirley Chisholm and Martin Luther King Jr. They also draw comparisons between the civil rights movement in the United States and concurrent events in Australia.

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Secondary - Middle

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