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Achieve! History - World War I Book 2


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The Achieve! series of History titles has been developed for teachers who require modified, curriculum-focused activities for secondary school students who struggle to read and comprehend regular classroom materials because of poor literacy skills. Many of the pages will also be suitable as supplementary material for regular classes.

World War I -downloadable PDF resource 2 looks at Australia’s role at Gallipoli and the Western Front, the nature of warfare, strategies for maintaining morale, the role of nurses and the role of America in ending the war. The consequences of the war are also studied, such as the loss of life, how returning soldiers adjusted to civilian life, the Treaty of Versailles and the emergence of America as a new world power. Historical and literacy skills are developed through interpreting photographs, journals, poetry and songs from the era. Students develop skills in generating historical questions and communicating in different forms.

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Secondary - Middle

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