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Achieve! Science Understanding - Biology for years 9-10


About This PDF

While very suitable for the regular classroom, each of the Achieve! Science titles has been written at a literacy level that makes the pages appropriate for secondary school students who, because of poor reading skills, may struggle to comprehend regular classroom materials.

This downloadable pdf resource will assist teachers to develop lessons for the biology sub-strand in Science understanding for years 9 and 10. Units of work cover a variety of topics including the impact of diseases like Ross River virus, how deficiencies such as Vitamin D affect different individuals, vaccinations, models for measuring population growth, mitosis and meiosis, and geological time and the fossil record. Work sheets help students build their scientific language knowledge and understanding of key concepts.

Topics include: 

  • Responding to stimuli
  • Hormones
  • Disease and deficiency
  • Medicine and technology
  • Populations and ecosystems
  • Basic genetics
  • Genetic changes
  • Biodiversity
  • Natural selection
  • The fossil record

The work sheets in this series are ideal for group or individual study and are easy for classroom helpers to implement in one-on-one lessons. You can also use the photocopiable pages for revision, assessment and home study.

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