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Aussie Plays for the Classroom


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About This PDF

This collection of plays is designed for the primary school years, ages 5–12. The aim is to make drama fun, and therefore, sometimes the themes are a bit naughty, funny, rude, heartfelt or just plain fantasy for kids. They have been written with an Australian flavour to gel with the familiar experiences of life at school for Australian children. Animals, plants, songs and adventures are all within the cultural realm. There are not always punitive consequences for bad behaviour, but there is imbedded within, a safe and understandable fantasy life.

The 14 plays in this downloadable PDF resource are constructed in an unconventional way, dispensing with long set- ups — they launch straight into the story-line and drama. They are active works, written to be acted out, and yet they also contain segments where the less initiated student can participate. The intention is that theatre be inclusive.

Each play leads the student into trying out different roles. There is flexibility for student experimentation and imagination. Outside of acting, there is costuming, set building and props, choreography and directing possibilities. There is even the possibility of adding to the text if need be. At the same time, if students are new to drama, these plays can simply be read for characterisation and then acted out.

The Plays:

  • Animals in the House
  • The Biggest Bubble
  • Farmyard Feeding Time
  • The Fishing Story
  • Flowers and Vegetables
  • The Invisible Boy
  • The Joke Competition
  • Junk Food
  • The Me Song
  • Money for Work
  • Moody Shopkeepers
  • Mr Magoo and Sweet-Pea
  • Only Girls Can Fly
  • Spectacular Words!

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