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Blake's Compact Lesson Cards - Geography LP - Information Text - Card 5


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About This PDF

Blake's Compact Lessons are colourful downloadable cards packed with visual literacy and perfect for group tasks! The activities are extracts from our well-known Blake's Learning Centres series and are perfect all in one activities for the next lesson!

The Blake's Geography Lesson Card 5 for Lower Primary Students contains:

  • 1x Source Card with Information Text type 'Different Weather for Different Places'
  • 1x Activity Card including related ACARA Code
  • 2x Work Sheets
  • Answers

This self-contained all in one activity resource explores the 'Different Weather for Different Places'. Students can use these cards to work independently or in pairs to develop their researching, questioning, evaluating, reflecting, analysing and communication skills. A great way to pick specific lessons linking to your Scope & Sequence!

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Primary - Lower
Blake's Compact Lesson Cards
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