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Funny Photo Phonics - Set 2 Blends - Teaching Guide


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About This PDF

Use this comprehensive Teaching Guide to help your students learn to read beginning and end blends in short vowel words. It is a wonderful downloadable PDF resource to support the Funny Photo Phonics set of Blends Resources, the Funny Photo Phonics Set 2 Big Resource and the Flipping Phonics Resource — A Spotty Sparrow and a Green Tree Frog.

Within this Teaching Guide there are plenty of teaching activities to strengthen:

  • recognising and making rhyming words
  • building word families
  • reading and writing words
  • handwriting practice
  • phonemic awareness skills
  • hearing syllables and individual sounds
  • manipulating sounds within words

Each page of teaching notes has activities to do before, during and after reading and there are two printable, activity pages for each downloadable PDF resource. Games, game boards, word lists, extension activities, books and rhymes are also included to provide you with all the resources you need to make learning phonics an enjoyable and memorable experience.

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Primary - Lower

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