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Go Facts - Climate - Teaching Guide


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Go Facts Upper Primary: Climate integrates the study of human societies and their environments with reading and writing. The downloadable PDF resources are ideal for use as part of a literacy program, or during a unit about one of the four topics in the set: Weather, Climate Change, Forecasting and Climate Zones.

This teaching guide includes teaching notes and student work sheets on reading and writing nonfiction for each title in Go Facts Upper Primary: Climate. To teach the reading and writing of information reports systematically, work through the lessons in the order in which they are presented in each resource of the set.

The reading Nonfiction Lessons

The reading lessons are suitable for the whole class or a small group. They explicitly teach effective strategies for processing information reports. The teacher introduces the text and selects the teaching points, and then students read the text independently. 

The Writing Nonfiction Lessons

By following up each reading lesson with one in writing nonfiction, students learn to use in their own writing the structures and strategies as modelled in the Go Facts resources.


The work sheets provide opportunities for informal assessment throughout the lessons. Teachers can use the Assessment Checklist to record a student’s progress by entering dates and/or comments.


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