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Instant Lessons - Maths in Fashion


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About This PDF

Who would have thought that the catwalk could be the source of so many calculations? Students will crunch the numbers for the fashion industry, considering cost and amount of materials, production issues, labour, retail costs and more.

With strong links to commerce and textiles, the activities in this downloadable PDF resource will be an enlightening experience for students who think they don't need maths! This resource also includes an answers section to make marking and assessment easy.

Use Instant Lessons to supplement your existing resources, to extend student capabilities, for revision purposes, or for class work when the regular teacher is absent.

Topics Include:

  • Order of operations
  • Powers of 10 Costs and percentage
  • Comparing and converting units
  • Interpreting and constructing graphs
  • Identifying, interpreting and analysing data
  • Identifying and continuing patterns
  • Constructing spirals
  • Analysing survey results
  • Perimeter, area and volume
  • Budgets, profit and loss
  • Line and rotational symmetry

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Secondary - Junior
Secondary - Middle
Instant Lessons

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