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Interactive Instant Lessons Legal Studies - Civil Laws and Processes


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This downloadable PDF resource is based on the Interactive Instant Lessons – Legal studies series that is designed to assist students of Legal studies in years 11 and 12. It consists of three titles: The Australian Legal System, Criminal Laws and Processes and Civil Laws and Processes. Students are engaged through high-interest fictional scenarios and real-life cases and events that put learning in context and bring the law to life.

The series is an ideal supplement to your existing resources, to introduce new topics or for revision and exam preparation. This PDF contains work sheets to be printed and used as traditional handouts.

Civil laws and processes includes 19 easy-to-use lessons covering:

  • The nature of civil law
  • Resolving disputes
  • Contracts and torts
  • Consumer laws
  • Family law
  • Workplace laws
  • Shelter and tenancy law.

The resource also includes a comprehensive brief for conducting a mock hearing.


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Secondary - Senior
Legal Studies
Instant Lessons

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