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Literacy in Geography - Years 7 -8


About This PDF

Instant Lessons - Literacy in Geography Years 7 -8 has been created to support geography teachers working to improve their students' understanding of the metalanguage of this subject area. Poor literacy skills often prevent students from fully engaging with content. This resource enables students to learn and understand key geographical terms as well as revise core social, physical, cultural and built environment concepts. 

The work sheets are ideal for consolidating in using an atlas, employing a range of research tools and working with data statistics. 

They are designed to stand-alone as whole lessons, or can be effectively incorporated into existing units. 

Types of tasks include:

  • using word fragments
  • selecting correct terms
  • completing maps and diagrams
  • classifying and describing
  • labelling
  • mind mapping
  • writing reports 

and many more!


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