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Living & Work Literacy - Book 6 - Workplace & Communication Issues


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Each downloadable PDF resource in the Instant Lessons series is a collection of fresh and versatile worksheet activities. They are unique in providing the highest quality learning outcomes with instant usability. 

This sixth PDF in the Living & Work Literacy series provides activities that extend upon the work-related topics introduced in the fifth PDF. Throughout these topics, students will explore general issues such as the nature and pattern of employment in Australia, types of management structures and the role of trade unions in the workplace. They will also focus on skills development, especially developing effective communication skills, and discover practical suggestions for dealing with issues like workplace harassment, bullying and unfair dismissal.

The topics include real-life scenarios and case studies. Concepts are reinforced through a range of challenging short answer, class discussion and research activities. Each topic is self-contained and selected answers have been provided to make marking time-efficient. 

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