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Maximising Test Results - NAPLAN*-style Year 5 Literacy: Reading & Writing


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This invaluable downloadable PDF resource offers teachers and parents an opportunity to help students improve their performance in the NAPLAN* tests, now compulsory in Years 3 and 5. Teachers are encouraged to allow students to progress through the tasks at their own pace, taking time to think through each question. The tasks are designed to enable students to engage with the texts, paying close attention to detail, and reflecting on their response to each writer’s message.

This resource's focus is the reading and writing component of The National Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) test paper. 

Whole sets of questions are presented with helpful annotations. The HINTS explain what the question is really asking the students, and often provide shortcuts to use in determining the correct answer and sometimes point out the red herrings among the answer options. Another time-saving feature are the THINGS TO KNOW points, which outline key facts, definitions and techniques useful for students before sitting tests.

The activities are designed to help develop and refine skills in reading comprehension, general literacy, text analysis, logic and problem solving, and the higher order abstract reasoning that has become a feature of the NAPLAN papers. All answers are provided, along with expert advice and generous hints from specialist English teachers.

* This is not an officially endorsed publication of the NAPLAN program and is produced by Blake Education independently of Australian Governments.

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Maximising Test Results: NAPLAN*-style

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