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My Alphabet Kit - Games Book - Lower Primary


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About This PDF

My Alphabet Kit Games downloadable PDF resource is a fun packed with photocopiable patterns for easy to play alphabet games. 

This resource is packed with games to bring the alphabet to life for your students. Each game has been designed to motivate students as they explore the alphabet hands-on. 

The games are easy to make. You can make them yourself-or, better still, organise a group of parent helpers to copy and make them.

Once the games are made, they can be played over and over again. Once the teacher or parent helper has given basic instructions, students can play each game independently-and at their own pace. 

Clear instructions are given for making and playing all the games. Blank game masters are also included so teachers can adapt the games to suit the skills they want to reinforce in their own classrooms.

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Primary - Lower

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