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Reading Quest Teaching Guide


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About This PDF

This downloadable PDF Teaching Guide provides activities designed to be used with small groups or individual students. There are teacher’s notes for each of the chapter resources. 

These include:

  • Pre and post reading activities
  • Lists of difficult words to pre-teach
  • A series of questions to build reading comprehension.

Explicit teaching ideas are provided for the key strategies necessary for successful reading comprehension. Three printable worksheets are also included for each of the twenty-four-chapter downloadable PDF resources and are designed to improve reading comprehension and understanding of language conventions. The worksheet activities focus on grammar and spelling and also include a variety of writing activities including: writing from the perspective of a character, newspaper articles, creative writing and summarising.

This Teaching Guide covers the 24-chapter downloadable PDF resources in the Reading Quest series.

It provides teachers with the following resources for each downloadable PDF resource:

  • A short plot synopsis
  • Pre-reading activities
  • Glossary words
  • Comprehension questions for each chapter
  • 72 printable worksheets (3 per downloadable PDF resource).

The worksheet activities are divided between:

  • Reinforcing a variety of comprehension strategies
  • Writing activities — in a variety of genres
  • Spelling and grammar

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Primary - Upper

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