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Science Through Sport - Human Energy Systems


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The Science Through Sport series uses sporting contexts and examples to teach years 10-12 Biology, Chemistry and Physics curricula and the science content of middle to senior years Physical Education and Health subjects. Each title includes interactive tools to explore core topics using technology and a range of hands-on activities and worksheets to develop and test students’ understanding of the content.

One of the most difficult scientific area for students to grasp is how the energy systems work in living organisms. Through the simulations in this learning resource, students will explore the interactions of three energy systems during exercise and movement.

Through collecting, organising, presenting and analysing data, students will understand the interplay of the energy systems and be able to relate their knowledge to sporting situations.

The activities in this downloadable PDF resource have been written for the curriculum needs and outcomes of students in years 10-12. Level one is suitable for year 10 students and levels two and three are suitable for students in years 11-12.

The energy systems practical activities have been designed for students to complete independently, in groups or as a whole class. The energy systems investigations provide additional challenges to advanced and senior students. The ‘running shoes’ logo indicates that there is a practical aspect to the investigation, such as completing a timed run. Teachers can choose specific activity ideas, use those presented or develop supplementary ideas based around the concepts introduced.

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Science Through Sport

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