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Scientific Enquiry Skills - Book 2


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Scientific Enquiry Skills is designed to help students develop skills in the processes of scientific investigation. These activities are especially useful for focusing attention on particular aspects of scientific enquiry.

The activities will complement and support any existing science program and are divided into the areas of the living world (biology), matter (chemistry), the physical world (physics), Earth (geology) and space (astronomy). They are further organised into the major investigative processes that students will practise.

The activity sheets include introductions, instructions and questions along with spaces for students to record answers to questions, create graphs or complete data tables. Most activity sheets also include extension ideas. Each activity sheet is self-contained so that students can use them with minimal support from the teacher, working independently, in pairs or in small groups. Many activities centre on discussions between student characters to introduce an issue or problem for students to explore.

Topics Include:

  • Gears
  • Electric circuits
  • Balancing forces
  • Light and sight
  • Fluids and temperature
  • Magnetism
  • Nature of substances
  • Reflection of sound

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