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STORYLANDS - Fantastic Forest - Teaching Guide


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Storylands is a series of reading downloadable PDF resources set in many diverse lands. Within each Land, there are downloadable PDF resources at every level from level 1 to level 20. This allows children to revisit favourite characters and settings as their reading improves. It also provides downloadable PDF resources on the same subject for all readers within a lower primary classroom. Storylands has downloadable PDF resources for every student with stories that will inspire them to want to read more.

This Fantastic Forest set includes 30 fiction titles, 3 Readers’ Theatre titles and 6 nonfiction titles. 

This Teaching Guide will help you get the most out of the Fantastic Forest Fiction, Nonfiction and Readers’ Theatre titles.

Each title has supporting:

  • Guided reading questions
  • Activities
  • Work Sheets
  • Comprehension
  • Assessment

STORYLANDS begins with seven distinct realms: vivid settings that give a true sense of place; places that we want to return to, to see what will happen next. Within each realm lives a cast of memorable characters who, in turn, inhabit stories that children will want to read again and again.

Across all cultures and peoples, the same basic story structures recur again and again. The questing hero, the journey, comedy, mystery and adventure are stories we have all seen, heard or read many times. They have been a fundamental teaching tool for millennia, passing down from one generation to the next the ideas, lessons and goals that we value. Stories broaden a child’s experience of the world and what is possible.

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