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Maths is full of content-specific concepts and vocabulary. Targeting Maths Literacy introduces these concepts and vocabulary with clear explanations and sound-supporting examples. This helps students to feel confident using these terms as part of their own vocabulary when speaking and writing.

Targeting Maths Literacy’s core focus is to provide teachers with an excellent reference tool for teaching maths topics through shared reading and class discussion. It provides ways to introduce maths concepts and vocabulary in an open and supportive environment. The Targeting Maths Literacy downloadable PDF resources give an instructional focus to your cross-curricular reading-in-maths lessons. The beautiful real-world photographic examples and well-written text will improve your students’ depth of understanding and ability in both maths and reading.

This series has been designed to support any maths program or style of teaching. It is flexible and easy-to-use with a Teaching Guide for each level.

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