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Targeting Spelling Teaching Guide - Book 5


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About This PDF

Targeting Spelling is a whole-school spelling program that has been developed and trialled in classrooms over many years with outstanding results. It can be used equally successfully by individual teachers and will provide students with a solid foundation in spelling.

The Targeting Spelling Teaching Guide - Book 5 downloadable PDF resource contains:

  • A comprehensive introduction from the author explaining how to use the program and its various elements to achieve outstanding results
  • 32 weekly lesson plans with teaching notes and printable worksheets
  • A printable Word Warm-Ups booklet for use by each student throughout the year

Targeting Spelling sets out the content under a number of work areas that support the teaching and learning process. These are:

  • Board Work
  • Word Work
  • Pencil Work
  • Book Work
  • Word Extra
  • Assessment

During the week, teachers can focus on different aspects of the spelling process, moving from explicit teaching and learning early in the week, to practice, to a final assessment at the end of the week.

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Primary - Upper
Targeting Spelling

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