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Terrific Topics meets the challenge of providing an integrated approach to the curriculum. While each unit has a key learning focus, either Science or SOSE/HSIE, other learning areas are incorporated into the carefully planned teaching/learning sequence. The teaching material and activities are practical and ready to use, and outcomes are highlighted for each unit as a guide to assessment.

The units, on themes popular with both teachers and students, have been written by practising teachers, and trialled in their classrooms. Students and teachers will find these topics combine practical learning with lots of fun – they’re truly terrific!

The Terrific Topics series:

  • provides a plan for an efficient teaching program
  • Addresses outcomes from different Learning Areas within a single topic
  • Integrates Science, SOSE/HSIE, English and The Arts.

This downloadable PDF resource contains integrated units on:

  • I Am Australian
  • The Media
  • Bali
  • Gold
  • Bones, Blood and Guts
  • What’s the Weather?
  • Rainforests 
  • Thrills and Spills

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Primary - Upper
Terrific Topics

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