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The Mega Book of Phonics Worksheets


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About This PDF

Contains 240 printable worksheets with games and activities, as well as instructions on the best way to use the program. Phonics is the relationship between sounds (phonemes) and their spellings (graphemes), and is a fundamental part of learning to read the English language. Learning with phonics helps to improve reading, as well as skills in:

  • pronunciation
  • comprehension
  • spelling
  • vocabulary

Each of the seven lessons in this PDF features:

Introduction — an overview of the phonemes with suggested dialogue and examples

Sample words — a list of sample words that show the phonemes in the initial (starting), medial (middle) and final (end) positions

Suggested games and activities — to engage your child and support their learning

Suggested reading — a list of recommended reading books that feature the phonemes

Word list — a list of 100 words that feature the phonemes

Printable worksheets — to practice and reinforce each phoneme.

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