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Understanding Science - Middle Primary


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About This PDF

Scientific texts typically contain difficult technical vocabulary that requires readers to have a lot of background knowledge. The Understanding Science series introduces scientific vocabulary and concepts gradually, using fun activities, and with built-in support.

The Understanding Science downloadable PDF resources have been designed for flexible use. Each is divided into four sections, according to the four major science strands.

Each downloadable PDF resource is divided into four sections according to the four major science strands. Within each strand, the ten worksheet activities are supported by teaching notes, which include support activity suggestions. In addition to the focus on introducing scientific vocabulary, the activities have been selected to help students find out about the world in a systematic way, and to assist them in developing competence, confidence and responsibility in their experiences with Science topics. Class teachers will be best placed to determine how they utilise the Resource pages included at the end of each section. These are by no means meant to be prescriptive, but are included so that teachers may extend or develop particular activities.

The units within each strand are clearly defined and easy to use, and can stand alone or fit into any existing program. Resource pages are included at the end of each section, so that particular activities and topics can be extended or developed. This series can also be used for reinforcement and homework activities.

Each unit in Understanding Science contains:

  • practical activity worksheet
  • clear teaching notes
  • specific learning outcome and pointers
  • vocabulary list
  • list of useful resources.

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