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Write Now - English Text Responses Years 9 - 10


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Each downloadable PDF resources in the Instant Lessons series is a collection of fresh and versatile work sheet activities which may be photocopied for student use. They are unique in providing the highest learning outcomes with instant usability.

The printable work sheet activities in The Write Now! English Text Responses Years 9 -10 are designed to provide stimulating opportunities for students of all ability levels to make creative responses to their reading. The tasks are applicable to most novels, enabling teachers to exercise flexibility in the classroom by allowing students to study self-selected reading materials.

Topics include:

  • The reader's motivation
  • Narrative structure
  • Instructional writing
  • Identifying tone
  • Sub-plots and parallel plots
  • Summarisation
  • The process of storytelling
  • Intertextuality

and many more!

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Write Now!
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