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Write Now! - Grammar, Language and Editing Skills - Book 1


About This PDF

Studying grammar, punctuation and spelling does not have to be difficult or boring! The Write Now! series uses fun texts to teach the important elements of grammar, language and punctuation skills. 

Worksheets contain Grammar Attack, Word watch, DIY edit and Spelling session sections that will provide you and your students with a Metalanguage (language used to discuss a language) so that you can discuss English and its rules to help you learn the skills. 

The level of difficulty progresses through the series, with PDF 1 and 2 suiting senior primary classes, or junior secondary students who may be struggling with literacy and need to revisit basic skills.

This downloadable PDF resource is an Instant Lesson, providing fresh and versatile work sheet activities which may be photocopied for student use. They are unique in providing the highest learning outcomes with instant usability.

Topics include:

  • Crime time
  • Sports shorts
  • What's up?
  • Zombies rule!
  • Za Viggies
  • Cros Sci-fi
  • Great escapes
  • Who are they?

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Primary - Upper
Write Now!
Instant Lessons

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