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Achieve! History - The Ancient World: China 1


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The Achieve! series of History titles has been developed for teachers who require modified, curriculum-focused activities for secondary school students who struggle to read and comprehend regular classroom materials because of poor literacy skills. Many of the pages will also be suitable as supplementary material for regular classes.

The Ancient World: China 1 downloadable PDF resource looks at the experiences of the ancient Chinese by exploring their occupations, lifestyles and family structures as well as law and order. Content also includes information about war and conflict, the life of Emperor Qin Shi Huang, women’s lives, religion and trade.

This text also provides students with an understanding of the importance of geography and land use in the development of the Chinese civilisation. Historical and literacy skills are developed through the analysis of images and information, organising information in appropriate sections and becoming familiar with time periods and primary and secondary sources.

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