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Achieve! Maths - Data, Statistics & Drawing Graphs


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The Achieve! series of Maths titles has been developed for teachers who require modified, curriculum-focused activities for secondary school students. It is aimed at students who, because of poor literacy skills, struggle to read and comprehend regular classroom materials. Many of these students did not master the basics of a topic when it was first introduced.

Therefore, some activity sheets in this resource revisit content that would usually be covered in Year 5 or 6. Some activities are more challenging than others. The activity sheets are also suitable as supplementary material for regular classes. They may also provide useful revision in preparation for state-wide or national numeracy testing.

This downloadable PDF resource is divided into six units, each of which focuses on a topic or set of skills to do with data, statistics or drawing graphs. The Teachers' notes provide valuable guidance about using each unit, and contain the following elements:

  • Objectives– These are the key skills and knowledge learnt through using the activity sheets.
  • Prior knowledge– This refers to the skills and knowledge that are required for students to complete the tasks. 
  • Background– This section provides a range of different types of useful information to help teach this unit. It can include explanations of key concepts and terminology or further background notes about the subject matter.
  • Starter activity– Warm-up activities are provided to put the content into proper context and to gain student interest and attention.
  • Activity sheets and answers– A summary of the content of each activity sheet is provided, along with teaching tips and selected answers to assist with time-efficient marking.
  • Extension ideas– Additional activities or discussion ideas are suggested to recap on the main skills, knowledge or terminology taught, as well as ways to extend, assess or consolidate student understanding.

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