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Achieve! Science - Ecosystems


About This PDF

The Achieve! series of science titles has been developed for teachers who require modified, curriculum-focused activities for secondary school students who struggle to read and comprehend regular classroom materials because of poor literacy skills. Many of the pages will also be suitable as supplementary material for regular classes.

Ecosystems looks at how living things interact in:

  • ecosystems
  • food chains and food webs
  • habitats
  • animal and plant reproduction
  • adaptation
  • evolution by natural selection
  • and the effects of floods, drought and bushfires on Australian ecosystems.

This downloadable PDF resource is divided into six units, all of which contain printable Activity sheets and a Revision sheet. The Activity sheets can be used sequentially or as standalone work sheets. Varied activities – including labelling diagrams, completing tables, multiple-choice questions, cloze activities and word games – allow students to consolidate their understanding and improve literacy skills. A background information box defines key terms and provides a pronunciation guide. Each unit concludes with a Revision sheet to test understanding of the unit content. Answers have been included for easy and efficient marking.

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