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Blake's Learning Centres Literacy Games Book 1


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Blake’s Learning Centres are a wonderful, motivating way for students to practise important skills. The 10 games in this downloadable PDF resource are self-contained and portable for students to play in small groups. Once you have made the games, they are ready to use at any time.

This downloadable PDF resource contains full-colour materials to construct 10 easy-to-make games. Each game also contains playing instructions, a reproducible student work sheet and skills’ development checklist.

Each game focuses on one of the following literacy skills:

  • categorising objects
  • positional language
  • concepts of print
  • recognition of lower-case letters
  • matching letters
  • identifying and matching lower case and upper-case letters
  • identifying initial letters
  • counting syllables in words

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Primary - Lower
Blake's Learning Centres

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