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Forensic Science Hypothetical - The Burglary in Sutton Street


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This third title in the Forensic Science Hypothetical series by best-selling author Jeanette Jolley provides printable worksheets containing all the information and evidence that students need to solve a burglary. As they work through the scenario, students record their findings in a case file, developing logical conclusions based on evidence. 

This is an ideal resource for exploring the practical application of science knowledge and skills. Students will enjoy the opportunity to detect who committed the crime as they use key elements of forensic science such as collecting evidence, examining witness statements and testing materials using chromatography. 

No previous study or knowledge of forensic science is necessary, as background information and introductory tasks are provided. The activities require minimal teacher preparation and answers have been included for time efficient marking. 

Topics Include:

  • Discovering a crime
  • Searching a crime scene
  • Collecting, analysing and recording evidence
  • Collecting and matching fingerprints
  • Comparing shoe prints and lip prints
  • Investigating evidence — glass, fibres and paint chips
  • Handwriting and forgeries 

and many more!

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