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Forensic Science Hypothetical - The Death of Barnaby Hill


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This second title in the Forensic Science Hypothetical series by best-selling author Jeanette Jolley provides printable worksheets containing all the information and evidence that students need to solve a crime involving a death. Students apply their science skills to a real world example of a crime, and teachers can thoroughly assess what their class has learnt through an extended hands-on task. 

Students will enjoy investigating who committed the crime using key elements of forensic science such as collecting and examining evidence; analysing hairs, fibres and handwriting; and eliminating suspects. 

No previous study or knowledge of forensic science is necessary as the first three activities of the PDFs are designed to provide background information for students who have no formal knowledge of forensic science, or need to revise these skills. The activities require minimal teacher preparation and answers have been provided. 

Topics Include:

  • Crime scenes and the examination of them
  • Interpreting maps
  • Analysing witness and suspect statements
  • Exploring motives
  • Recording and comparing shoe prints and tyre marks
  • Forensic laboratories 
  • Inspecting hairs, fibres and handwriting evidence

and many more!

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