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Go Facts - How is it Made? - Teaching Guide


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Go Facts: How is it Made? integrates science with reading and writing. These downloadable PDF resources are ideal for use in the literacy program, or during a science thematic unit about one of the topics in the series.

This teaching guide includes teaching notes on Reading Nonfiction and Writing Nonfiction for each title in Go Facts: How is it Made? This resource takes readers on a walk through history, showing how bread, clean water, TV shows and fuel are made. 

Reading the Nonfiction Text

The reading lessons in this guide are suitable for small groups and fit easily into the guided reading component of the reading block. The lessons teach effective reading strategies for processing nonfiction texts. You introduce the text and the teaching points before students read independently.

Using the Writing Nonfiction lesson Notes

By following each reading lesson with a lesson in writing nonfiction, students learn to use the structures modelled in the Go Facts resources in their own writing. If the writing lessons are taught in sequence, by the end of the series students will have worked on all five stages of the writing process.


The work sheets provide opportunities for informal assessment throughout the lessons. You can use the Assessment Checklist to record a student’s progress by entering dates and/or comments.

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Go Facts

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