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Instant Lessons - Maths in Crime & Espionage


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Maths in Crime & Espionage is a collection of printable worksheets that apply mathematical knowledge and techniques to exciting investigations of real life and fictional crimes. Students learn about heroic outlaws, spies and forensics such as Robin Hood, Ned Kelly, James Bond, DNA, Cyberbullying, blood stain analysis, and many more! 

Each topic has been written to interest and engage students in Years 9–10, and features content that requires students to apply key maths skills such as basic operations, measurement, graphs, percentage, use of formula and analysis of data. The activities will help students to see how the skills of maths can be used to understand real world events.

Many of the activities in this downloadable PDF resource utilise data from a variety of sources. This data may have been reconfigured or altered for the purpose of understanding an essential mathematical concept. Answers are provided to make marking quick and easy.

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