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Instant Lessons - Maths in War & Conflict


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About This PDF

Each downloadable PDF resource in the Instant Lessons series is a collection of fresh and versatile worksheet activities which may be printed for student use. They are unique in providing the highest quality learning outcomes with instant usability.

The Maths In series has been engaging students since 1997 with topics that explore the maths in the world around us.


  • Includes a variety of activity types: calculate discounts & check invoices, estimate outcomes, convert units of measurement, follow directions on maps, use map scales and keys, measure sports performances, label diagrams, draw graphs & complete tables, interpret data, use scale drawings, & more...
  • Tests and extends understanding of core mathematical content: number & algebra, statistics & probability, measurement & geometry.
  • Answers are provided for quick and easy marking.

Topics Include:

  • Interpreting and using maps and plans
  • Describing position
  • Identifying, interpreting and analysing data
  • Interpreting and drawing graphs
  • Perimeter, area, volume and mass
  • Using and converting units
  • Percentage and proportion
  • Speed, distance and time calculations
  • Circles
  • Calculating costs
  • Using the Cartesian plane
  • Measurement

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Secondary - Middle
Instant Lessons

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