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Instant Lessons - More than Monologues - Book 1


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Preparing a performance, Drama students need more than just a script – they need tools for understanding it. More than Monologues 1 offers students in Years 11–12 the opportunity to do just that, with a range of step-by-step activities for preparation plus four monologue scripts and one duologue (two-hander) script written especially for senior high-school students.

The activities and information in this downloadable PDF resources cover finding the right script, understanding the text, creating a directorial vision, getting inside a character, ‘blocking’ the performance space and developing a relationship with the audience.

These activities can be completed in class, in discussion or as homework or group assignments, and can be applied to the scripts in this book or to other scripts of your choosing. Written by an experienced Australian Drama teacher, this downloadable PDF resource offers students all the tools they’ll need to thoroughly study, mould and interpret their characters for performance.

Monologues and Duologue

The Gallery: Julie Jenkins, the daughter of a renowned billionaire, never dreams that her bodyguard, Everard, would kidnap her and hold her for ransom in an art gallery.

Torn: Megan’s not sure what it means to be Aboriginal, but she’s about to have her ideas of loyalty, morality and culture tested.

Working Nine to Five: In just 20 minutes, office manager Sandra faces every organisational nightmare she could imagine.

Tambee Women’s Shelter (duologue): Ruth lives in a women’s shelter with her mother. As a storyteller reads her story, Ruth revisits some of the people and events of her life.

Hopscotch: During an innocent game of hopscotch, Anna Schiller unfolds a life filled with sexual abuse and the pain of living in eternal silence.

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