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Instant Lessons PowerPoint - Geography - The Environment and Resource Management


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This downloadable PDF resource is the accompanying notes and worksheets from the Instant Lessons Geography PowerPoint series that explores topics to do with Earth’s unique characteristics, its place in the solar system and specific Australian and world-wide resource management issues.

The characteristics of renewable and non-renewable energy resources, patterns of energy use and environmental impacts, as well as Australia’s role as an exporter of energy are explained. Australia’s propensity for fire and drought are linked to rainfall monitoring and prediction techniques, and how these hazards impact on society, the economy and the environment. Different types of rainforests and their characteristics, as well as how they are exploited, are also illustrated.

The resource looks at what causes erosion and how this contributes to desertification. Strategies to combat and reverse the impact are explored, as well as the effects on communities around the world.

Student worksheets have been designed so that they can be used in the classroom, or as homework, extension, assessment or revision.

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