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Instant Lessons - Understanding Biology - Ecosystems and Living Things


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Year 10–12 Biology teachers often report that their students lack basic knowledge of key scientific ideas, which hampers their progress. The authors of this series have developed activities for topics that their experience shows are often poorly understood by students, as well as for concepts that are particularly crucial to an appreciation of the importance of modern scientific knowledge.

In some units, students will investigate a topic and provide opinions. These units make ideal homework or assignment work. Other units are self-contained and will test students’ understanding of key scientific terms and how this language is used in context.

Use the Instant Lessons to supplement your existing resources, to extend student capabilities, for revision purposes, or for class work when the regular teacher is absent.

Topics Include:

  • Characteristics of living things
  • Cell theory
  • Endotherms & ectotherms
  • Adaptation
  • Competing species
  • Natural selection
  • Evolution
  • Comparative anatomy
  • Components of ecosystems
  • The local environment
  • Exobiology
  • Bacteria
  • Mouse plagues
  • Growth in offspring
  • Antibiotics and disease
  • Biogeography

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