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Smart & Safe at Work - Being Work-ready 1


About This PDF

The Smart & Safe Work series has been developed to assist teachers to introduce and teach topics in careers, work education and life skills.

This flexible resource provides a comprehensive approach to teaching lessons about: the first day, work-life balance, and teamwork. 

These resources will encourage classroom conversations about minimising risk in potentially unsafe situations, teach key facts and knowledge about community health and safety issues, and enable students to reflect upon what they have learnt and apply this understanding to new scenarios.

Work sheets

  • Reinforce and extend movie content
  • Editable in the Word format
  • Help students brainstorm ideas

Further reading and lesson plans 

  • Background information about the topic 
  • Further reading and resource suggestions

Full movie scripts 

  • Revisit or revise movie content
  • Create drama activities

Detailed answers

  • Assist teachers who are unfamiliar with the topic
  • Make marking quick and easy

Product Details

Secondary - Middle
Secondary - Senior
PDHPE & Life Skills
Smart & Safe

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