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Solve It! Mysteries for Enquiring Minds - Book 1


About This PDF

This is a series of intriguing mysteries for upper primary and junior secondary students. There are five scenarios in this downloadable PDF resource. The mysteries are self-contained and open-ended activities that cover a range of challenging topics. In each one, students are presented with a scenario that poses a problem to be solved, then provided with evidence to analyse and assess, and asked to complete a report in which they give their solution and justify their problem-solving processes.

Each mystery includes comprehensive teachers notes that provide a background briefing, suggested answers and extension activities, and photocopiable information sheets which students will use to solve it.

The scenarios are designed to encourage students to use a variety of problem-solving techniques and logical reasoning skills, and to consolidate and test comprehension and writing skills. Each one is suitable for individual or group work within the regular classroom, or team competitions and extension programs.

Cross curricula contents:

  • Testing materials
  • Earth sciences
  • Road safety
  • Weather
  • Toxicity and poisons
  • Food handling and cooking
  • Cross curricula contents
  • Body systems

and many more!

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Secondary - Junior
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