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Sparklers - SWAT - Teaching Guide


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About This PDF

The Sparklers SWAT series is an exciting way to introduce children to different countries and cultures. Children can enter another culture and explore some of its uniqueness while reading an exciting fast-moving story. With a diverse range of destinations to travel to and problems to solve, our SWAT agents explore the world with great joy and fascination.

In each of these fast-paced stories two young agents are chosen to join the Secret World Adventure Team. As SWAT agents they are given an assignment, from saving the elephants in Africa or creating a computer game in Japan, to setting up the New Years Eve laser show in Sydney. As the agents race through each very different place, they learn many things about the places and their cultures.


Like all downloadable PDF resources in the Sparklers range, this set of stories was edited at a structural, grammatical, and individual word level. This set of 8 illustrated chapter resources are at Sparklers Level 5, reading age 8-9, with stories of between 2500-3000 words each.

SWAT Teaching Guide - Set One

This Teaching Guide has everything you need to get the most out of SWAT Set One. For each of the SWAT titles, there are the following resources:

  • A synopsis of the plot
  • Related web sites
  • Additional activities related to each Key Learning Area
  • Guided reading discussion questions

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