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Targeting Maths Problem Solving Year 5


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In the real world, mathematics is used to reason, plan and solve problems. But for many people, problem solving remains difficult and a mystery. The Targeting Maths Problem Solving series unravels the mystery by teaching the key strategies needed to discover the solutions.

The maths problem-solving strategies explored in this book are:

  • Understand and draw the problem
  • Identify the steps and choose an operation
  • Make a model and use Guess, Check and Improve
  • Spot and use patterns
  • Make an organised list and work systematically
  • Draw a picture or diagram
  • Work backwards and try a simpler case
  • Draw a table


The eight units in this book are explicitly written to teach a strategy. Each unit begins with a sample problem that shows how the strategy can be used to find a solution. Students are then expected to apply this strategy to solve the rest of the problems in the unit.

Every unit has an open-ended investigation that encourages students to think beyond ‘right answers only’ and review questions to check that they can apply the strategy in new contexts.

Answers are at the back of the book.

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Primary - Senior
Targeting Maths
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