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Terrific Australian Topics - Australian States and Cities - LP


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Australia is a country of distinct geographical features and landmarks, both natural and built. This unit begins by giving students an understanding of the physical shape of the country of Australia and its divisions into states and territories. Students will develop an understanding of floral and faunal emblems, the Coat of Arms, state flags and recognisable landmarks. The unit concludes with students being asked to select criteria for the choice of a capital city and defend their point of view.

Learning Area Focus

  • History
  • Science
  • Geography

Students will learn:

  • To identify and consider the values reflected in Australian national symbols
  • Locate and name the states and territories of Australia
  • To identify and reflect on what key Australian symbols represent
  • How shared customs, practices, symbols, languages and traditions in communities contribute to Australian.
  • To recognise Indigenous influences on the valuing and naming of Australian places

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Primary - Lower
Terrific Australian Topics

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