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Meets the challenge of providing an integrated approach to the curriculum and provides a springboard for exploring everything Australian.

The units, on themes popular with both teachers and students, combine practical learning with lots of fun — they’re truly terrific!

Each of the topics includes:

  • Introductory background notes for the teacher
  • An outline of the outcomes across the key learning area’s
  • References for topic-specific resource and internet resources
  • Answers for the work sheets (where appropriate)
  • Detailed teaching notes and ideas for each work sheet
  • 10 printable work sheets
  • Topic word sheets for inclusion with weekly spelling lists

This downloadable PDF resource contains integrated units on:

  • Australian animals: marsupials
  • The meaning of anzac Day
  • Volunteers in the Community
  • Farm animals
  • Minibeasts: Insects and Spiders
  • The First australians: Then and Now
  • Australian States and Cities
  • The Circus

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Primary - Lower
Terrific Australian Topics

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