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Terrific Australian Topics - Different Cultures in Australia: The Vietnamese - MP


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This topic deals specifically with aspects of the Vietnamese culture, brought to Australia by Vietnamese-born settlers who have found a new home within the diverse cultural framework of modern Australia. While the unit is a complete teaching resource, each focus area provides the opportunity for comparative study (or research) about other cultures.
For example the Vietnamese creation story can easily lead to a broader study of the myths legends and folklore of other cultures, such as the traditional stories of Indigenous Australians. Similarly, learning about Vietnamese festivals invites a comparison with other festivals celebrated in Australia, and so on.
In addition to the teaching notes and work sheet activities, supplementary displays of pictures, charts, vocabulary and books about Vietnam (or other cultures, if comparisons are to be made) will create a rich classroom learning environment.

Learning Area Focus

  • History
  • Mathematics
  • The Arts
  • Geography

Students will learn:

  • To consider people’s connections with their environment
  • To explore ideas and artworks from different cultures
  • To explore different ways of constructing meaning in cultural contexts
  • How shared customs, practices, symbols, languages and traditions in communities contribute to Australian.

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Primary - Middle
Terrific Australian Topics

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