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The ARK program was developed in response to the needs of Aboriginal students experiencing reading problems. The program has been extensively trialled and is now being used successfully with Aboriginal students, remedial reading students, students with English as a second language, students with learning difficulties and adults learning to read or improve their reading skills. 

Writing Words gives comprehension coverage of the patterns of written English. It is part of a complete program that progresses from simple 3-letter words through to complex, multi-syllable words. All the pages are fully reproducible giving flexibility by games, stories and student's personal news. 

The ARK Writing Words - Book 2 PDF Includes:

  • Part 3 - Focuses on consonant pairs that combine to make one sound such as 'll', 'sh', 'th', 'wh' and 'ch'. this part introduces the terms 'vowel' and 'consonant'.
  • Part 4 - Deals with adding simple endings to words such as plurals - 's', and 'es' and introduces 'ing'. 
  • Part 5 - Deals with the common end blends such as 'nd', 'nt', 'st' etc. 

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