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Treasure Trackers Teaching Guide


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About This PDF

This downloadable PDF Teaching Guide is a valuable teaching resource that helps you to get the most out of the Treasure Trackers series. It contains a comphrehensive range of activities that reinforce essential skills and strategies in a variety of fun-filled, interesting ways. The activities look at the unique features and developments of each civilisation.

Treasure trackers are exciting adventure stories which take children to legendary and historical worlds. Follow best friends, Flynn and Mia, as they solve mysteries and find treasure. These stories include historical facts and real places, so you can use Treasure Trackers to introduce your students to the richness of the past, and the diversity of the world. 

The resources for each title include:

  • comprehensive guided reading discussion points
  • additional activities that enhance the story, linked to key learning areas
  • useful web sites containing furyther information about the historical period or legend
  • 5 blackline masters that include grammar, word study, critical thinking, writing, science and technology and mathematics activities.

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Primary - Upper

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