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Legends of Science - Book 3


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People have questioned the world around them for thousands of years, leading to an accumulation of scientific knowledge through the efforts of many. As Isaac Newton said, ‘If I have seen further, it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.’

This series uses the work of individual scientists to give students a context in which to explore ideas from many branches of science, including biology, chemistry, geology and physics.

Scientists Included:

  • Robert Goddard – Rockets
  • Patricia Vickers- Rich – Fossils, dinosaurs and evolution
  • Alan Turing – Computers
  • Fiona Wood – Spray-on skin for burns
  • Robert Jarvik – Artificial heart
  • Martin Cooper – Mobile phone
  • Fiona Stanley – Pregnancy, folic acid and spina bifida
  • John Tyndall – Fibre optics
  • Wallace Carothers – Nylon
  • Howard Florey – Penicillin Gordon Gould – Lasers

and many more!

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