Maximising Exam Marks in Senior Maths - Intermediate - Book 2


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Each downloadable PDF resource in the Instant Lessons series is a collection of fresh and versatile worksheet activities which may be printed for student use. They are unique in providing the highest quality learning outcomes with instant usability.

Every year, examiners, teachers and assessors in every state produce detailed reports on how students have coped with the various questions on their exams. And every year the same errors are made by students. Maximising Exam Marks in Senior Maths is a collection of printable worksheets which are designed to assist senior students in those areas that they have traditionally found difficult.

Topics Include:

  • Key words and getting them right
  • Tricks and traps in integration
  • Definite integrals
  • Integration and area under the curve
  • Rates of change in calculus
  • Rates of change in practice
  • More than a rate
  • Moving particles
  • Integrals and graphs
  • Probability and events

and many more!

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Secondary - Senior
Maximising Exam Marks
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