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Strategic Maths: Number Upper Primary Book 2


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In each unit at the Strategic Maths Number: Upper Primary downloadable PDF resource 2, we focus on number strategies that are central to learning maths at this level. To support your teaching program, we have tried to ensure that you have access to a broad range of classroom activities. This resource contains many different types of activity, with the main ones being the activity sheets of this downloadable PDF resource.

Top 5 Cards are provided for each unit. These identify the learning goals, which are written in student-friendly terms. Sharing these with the students will enable them to take some responsibility for achieving the goals. For instance, if a student knows the expectation is that they can count on from any starting number then they can seek the assistance of a friend, a sibling or an adult to master that particular goal.

This Teacher’s Guide supports these features by providing:

  • a developmental sequence for introducing strategies and methods of recording
  • a glossary of the metalanguage, mathematical terms and their meanings
  • suggestions for ensuring that students will benefit from each activity
  • diagnostic information that will inform future planning.

Each Unit in this downloadable PDF resource has been designed to enable teacher to:

  • Teach number strategies explicitly
  • Tailor teaching to the range of learners in the class
  • Create deep understandings of the big ideas in number
  • Assess students during and after each unit
  • Develop a rigorous developmental approach to number

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Strategic Maths
Primary - Upper

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