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Terrific Australian Topics - Minibeasts: Insects and Spiders - LP


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About This PDF

Minibeasts are intriguing creatures with amazing features. In this unit, students will categorise minibeasts (insects and spiders) according to their features, compare and contrast them, and produce a report comparing two minibeasts. Students will use technical language associated with:
  • the topic (such as thorax, abdomen, head, camouflage)
  • the process of comparison (such as but, like, unlike, same, different)
  • description (such as dry, old sticks; leaf with a nibbled edge)

Learning Area Focus

  • Science
  • English

Students will learn:

  • To describe some of the changes that take place as living things grow,
  • To compare and contrast similarities and differences between groups of familiar living thing
  • To use appropriate language structures to compare minibeast
  • To recognise that different living things live in different places where their needs are met

Product Details

Primary - Lower
Terrific Australian Topics

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