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Assignments in Junior Measurement - Book 4


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About This PDF

This downloadable PDF resource provides a systematic and comprehensive coverage of selected topics from the junior mathematics curriculum. It is independent of any textbook and is not linked to any syllabus. 

Most worksheets could be used by students in a range of years or courses. The teacher may decide to use only one or two sections from a worksheet in a lesson or as a homework assignment. The worksheets are designed to be flexible to meet the needs of the teacher and students. 

Each worksheet follows a format comprising three sections:

Section A consists of a set of introductory questions or review of previous knowledge which can be used as a lesson starter or 'warm up' exercise. 

Section B provides skills development or drill with graded questions in the focus area of the worksheet. 

Section C provides further practice in the form of different types of questions, a riddle, challenge or extension questions. 

Review worksheets are also included in each topic area. 

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Secondary - Junior

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